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Congratulations to William Lyon, Jr. (Will) who has just returned from training in Denver, Colorado.  He is now a CTSP (Certified Treecare Safety Professional) with the TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association).  Understanding all the elements of safety is critical to nurturing a safety culture.  Developing more arborist safety professionals who "get it" is critical to making tree care a safer profession.  Will is a graduate of UNC-Greensboro and has four years of experience working with our crews and in management. 

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For over 39 years, Bill's Tree Service, Inc. has served the Triad area providing homeowners and businesses with unparalleled and exceptional complete tree care service. Built on the foundation of providing clients with knowledgable tree care information and professional service, we have created superior customer care. Attending conferences and tree expos all over the globe, Bill is always up to date with the latest practices in the industry. Our team of tree service experts share his passion for being the best in the business.